Women's Spring / Summer 20

Photography: Paley Fairmen Model: Rocio Marconi Styling: Sarah Schussheim Art Direction: Paulo Rafael

The Women's Spring / Summer 20 collection was inspired by a tip to the integration in JOshua Tree, both in a conceptual and literal sense. There, sound baths produce sonic energy that, imagined visually, manifests as pattern without true form.

Given that experience, it felt appropriate to utilize dye processes that produce irregular pattern. The majority of artwork in this collection feels ambient. A dusty light color palette reflects a long walk through the desert, colors appear bleached by the sun and covered with a fine layer of dust.

The collection features easy dresses to suit hot climates a light colored denim range, and shorts for ahike through the park. A hand dyed polar fleece nylon jacket reflect the desert climate, where temperatures drop drastically at night and the sky, free from light pollution, opens up dramatically to the stars.

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