John Elliott founded his namesake label in 2012. A California native hailing from San Francisco, the Los Angeles based designer had always planned to start his own line.

From an early age, John was three parts obsessed with skate culture, basketball, and clothing. The latter came from his Italian immigrant grandmother, a seamstress that taught her three daughters to sew. Combining personal inspiration with the rise of skate culture’s independent labels in his hometown, John was inspired at a young age to create designs that can resonate on a global scale.

With an impressive background in the industry, and having a love of all things design, his garments feature tailored fits, an exceptional attention to detail, and quality in construction. Elliott puts himself on the ground floor of production daily, completely immersed in the design process from start to finish, including traveling the world to source and develop fabrics. The goal is to produce the highest quality clothing, with materials that are engineered to stand the test of time.

John is the winner of GQ’s Best New Designer of the Year award and premiered his debut runway collection for the Fall/ Winter 2015 season in New York. Since then, he has shown eight times at NYFW. Elliott has been named one of WWD’s Ten of Tomorrow and has also been nominated for Menswear Designer of the Year at the CFDA Fashion Awards. He has collaborated with the likes of Nike, the Gap, and the City of Los Angeles.

John describes himself as taking a non-traditional approach to design. That creative freedom has served him, and as a result the business has scaled over the course of ten years, becoming a meaningful presence in the luxury fashion space while keeping his eyes set on a global platform

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