Made in Italy Footwear Collection

We approached footwear as we do any category - by solving our own problems. Brand codes, that we’ve crafted over the last nine years, are embedded in the design language, like layering and transparency.

The entire range is made in Northern Italy, near Florence. We use beautiful materials that will last. For leather, full grain nappa calf, calf suede, and spazzolato. Our soles merge performance with classic silhouettes. The runner features Vibram. The chelsea and lace-up boots utilize authentic Italian outdoor soles.

As a program, it was important to offer a full range of silhouettes. This is exciting because it shows the full view of what’s essential to our guy and girl, in terms of what they need as options in their closet. Each style is designed to satisfy the way we dress.

Music: Nosaj Thing, Art Direction: Paulo Rafael

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