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As we begin to concept each season we think about how we’re going to experiment with French terry first. As a leader in that space, each collection pushes the limits of what can be achieved. Waterproof Terry is another unique development that stems from a place of curiosity and exploration.

The inspiration came entirely from a trip on my birthday in 2018. As my wife and I ATV’d deep into the jungle in Costa Rica, we experienced a torrential downpour. At the time, I would have given anything to have wearable and waterproof functionality in the unpredictable rainy months. Though we lost a camera and our phones were almost destroyed, what then seemed like a disaster is now a found memory.

When we got back I realized that what I wanted-a French terry half zip with a soft cotton hand and waterproof technology-didn’t exist on the market. I’ve always tried to solve my own problems, and this product group continues to prove that’s how some of our best developments come to be.

Typically, waterproofing is achieved by applying a coating to the fabric’s face, resulting in a plastic-like feel. Our process is applied at the yarn level, so the French terry doesn’t lose its characteristic soft hand. Each garment is finished with Aquaguard zippers, tonal nylon paneling, and cinch closures for styling versatility. - John

To maintain the fabric’s characteristic soft hand, we apply waterproof technology at the yarn level.

Tonal nylon paneling.

Aquaguard zippers + adjustable velcro and cinch closures for styling versatility.

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