Spring / Summer 22

"Bright on the inside"

Photography: Drew Vickers Styling: Carlos Nazario Models: Majesty Amare, Claire Delozier, Fisher Smith, Jecardi Sykes, Emilio Velasquez Hair: Tina Outen Makeup: Yadim Carranza

Around a year ago, I was still in isolation due to the pandemic. Things weren’t looking particularly bright, so I looked headfirst into a difficult abyss, and decided on optimism. With that energy, I began to explore what a new collection would look like.

Stuck at home, away from our faithful team and studio environment, I found myself surrounded by stacks of books and a small board to pin thoughts on. I dove headfirst into images and stories that gave me a window into a brighter future. I’m not a buddhist or particularly religious, but I quickly became attached to a large photo of the Dalai Lama. It felt hopeful—a symbol of what we all need to feel on the inside.

With this small but powerful seed, “Bright on the Inside” was born. We carefully built a collection designed to embrace and propel us all forward confidently in new ways. The daily realities of working, eating, resting, running, talking became unifying activities for everyone. They all require an investment in yourself—a foundation to explore everything in front of you. What resulted was a system of dressing—a modular wardrobe that centers around building confidence in one’s self to start from the inside and radiate out.

With that energy, we’re accelerating into a new year, and we’re stepping back out into the world with this mindset. We’re exploring our language in new physical spaces, looking towards architectural environments—from the Brutalist movement to Bauhaus and beyond—that were built with similar principals as the Collection itself.

Living inside the pages of books during isolation, I dove into many stories about the iconic Case Study homes that surround us in Los Angeles. We started exploring, both on paper and in person, and after a journey led by curiosity, we found ourselves inside an incredible home designed by the late John Lautner.

Styled by Carlos Nazario and photographed by Drew Vickers, the collection came to life in a truly intimate way, highlighting the desire for a system of dressing that allows us to be ourselves, even during the moments that may feel dark.

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