This year, VIP customers will be entered into a drawing to win custom furniture, intended to elevate your home. Each purchase over $200 USD will be automatically entered, with the winner notified Sunday November 20th.

John approached furniture in the same way he did t-shirts at the outset of our brand - As utility. It’s easy to interpret a tee as basic, after all, it’s one of the most essential items of clothing, and to many it’s just that: A tee. When you dig into it though, what makes a tee unique is the materials you choose, the fit you engineer, and the details.

With this item, we designed into a democratic aesthetic, used for utilitarian purposes the world over. Beach chairs have many uses: At resorts, they become a signifier of luxury. Step outside that setting, and you’ll find street vendors using them to provide comfort.

In implementation, the goal was to elevate. Considering materials, we used continuous molded steel and engineered custom, semi-opaque resin. Steel signifies durability and strength. Resin is a material I’ve always found intriguing - It requires experimentation, and is unique to each batch.

Combining these elements, visitors notice the details once they’ve already parked in the seat. It’s the same approach we take to clothing: As you wear our products over time, the details and quality shine through.

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