A shared appreciation for utilitarian design codes defines the collaboration between Mackintosh and John Elliott, spotlighting impeccable craftsmanship both are known for. Three silhouettes comprise the collection, playing with varying fit and proportions: A single breasted spring coat is steeped in Mackintosh’s 200 year tradition, a boxy blouson, new to the British label, is very much John Elliott, and a hooded parka combines the two brands’ principals.

In approaching this project, John was motivated to partner with Mackintosh for the unique proposition they represent: A storied legacy (including, amongst other notable history, producing rain fatigues for the Royal Navy in the second World War) mixed with luxurious, functional craftsmanship. The full assortment is produced by Mackintosh in Scotland. From a design perspective, Elliott brought his label’s make to the project through showcasing his brand’s capabilities in Japan. Each coat is constructed with waterproof fabric, so it felt timely to explore dyes in a nuanced way. A unique double-dye treatment is applied in varying ways - The Zip Blouson, for example, featuring checkerboard as the base layer with traditional shibori overlayed for added depth. 

There are few brands in the world producing a product that’s synonymous to the name, as Mackintosh is to the raincoat. In the words of John Elliott, “This project has outerwear we couldn’t do on our own, that’s really exciting for myself and our customers. They’re limited pieces that will be recognizable and quite different as we head into the colder months.”

John Elliott X Mackintosh. Available Thursday 09.22.22 at 8AM PST.

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