John Elliott and 424 are based in Los Angeles, but both brands' designers have roots in the Bay Area. In conversation with Complex, John Elliott and Guillermo Andrade speak to their first collaboration, its personal meaning, and working with Nick Young of The Golden State Warriors.

Featuring Nick Young aka @swaggyp1
Photography Paulo Rafael
Styling Andrew Andrade
Interview Complex

When did you guys first meet? How did the collaboration come to be?

John Elliott: I first met Guillermo in New York outside a club. He was like, let’s go in. We kicked it all night.

After that, through the evolution of both our brands we hung out all over the world and realized we were from the same home town (In The Bay), knew a lot of the same people, and had common connection points. Guillermo and I had lunch and he said, “We should do a Fairfax hoodie - You’re from Fairfax and I’m on Fairfax Ave and I immediately responded “We have to do that, its a souvenir. It’s authentic to both of our brands - for very personal reasons."

Guillermo Andrade: I always try to keep my eyes open for new brands and John’s was one that I always liked for FourTwoFour on Fairfax, but at the time Union was exclusively stocking it so I respected that. We finally met in New York in person, and when I found out he was from the same place that I’m from in The Bay I was hyped! To meet another person from Marin County who was also in fashion and doing so well was inspirational for me.


Why did you choose to focus on one piece rather than a full collection / capsule?

JE: For me it’s light hearted. It's like a souvenir - and is supposed to be easy and quick. It’s not the cumulative collaboration of 424 and JE. It's real to who we are, our relationship, and it’s something we both want to wear - It made sense for us personally. We talked about it a couple times and we had to do it - It just felt right.

GA: The collaboration is to celebrate a respect for one another. We wanted to create something that could be executed relatively quick but that was still genuine for us both.


Why did you specifically choose a hoodie?

JE: A hoodie is the nucleus of a man’s wardrobe in 2018. It doesn’t matter what season you’re in or what tribe you’re in. It doesn’t matter who your favorite musician is or how many 0’s you have in your bank account. It lends itself to be the perfect median to do something authentic.

GA: A Hoodie is my favorite canvas. I cannot get through the week without wearing a hoodie at least once - It makes it into most looks in my wardrobe. It’s the perfect piece that goes from sportswear to the workplace depending on how you style it.

How did you go about fusing the brands’ respective aesthetics? What was the collaborative process like?

JE: My high school (Drake High) had the same colors, so that's how we came up with this green color scheme.

GA: The process was very straight forward. We chose John’s hoodie as the canvas and then added treatments for wash: Additional distressing with a collegiate embroidered Fairfax logo - which has been a staple of our 424 collections for sometime now.


Can customers expect additional John Elliott + 424 collaborations?

JE: Yes I love and respect 424 and Guillermo’s vision and energy. Let’s go!

GA: Yes, this was always meant to be the start of something on-going.

Nick Young is featured in the campaign. Why did you choose him to model the hoodie? What do you think he brings to the table?

JE: He’s perfect because he plays for the Warriors, is a close friend of mine, and is from LA. He is a bridge to both worlds in a literal sense - The Bay and Los Angeles. Plus Nick is not going to do something he thinks is whack. You know his nickname.

GA: SWAGGY P! When I think of it, It makes perfect sense. John and I met in LA but are from the Bay Area, and Nick has been showing love for both of our brands over time. He ends up moving to Golden State so we shoot a guy from LA in the Bay. Haha much love to Nick. Nick is mega stylish on and off the court; John’s passion for basketball and mine for fashion - I think comes though perfect with Nick. The stars aligned, can’t fight the universe.


What does Fairfax mean to each John + Guillermo?

JE: For me Fairfax is a beautiful place that is non traditional, free thinking, and creative. I’m speaking to Fairfax, Ca - Just north of SF.

GA: Yo! I came to LA, ended up opening my shop here (on Fairfax Ave.) and met John who is from Fairfax in Marin. He went to a rival high school there called Drake High School, which I always loved to play against because the energy there was always so alive! It’s this beautiful town right next to Mount Tam just a short drive from some of the most memorable views I’ve ever seen. If you know Fairfax in Marin you will understand John’s brand at the core a bit better. Fairfax has been so important in our lives for so many reasons and now here we are continuing to celebrate it, sharing it with all of you. I love Fairfax.


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