Copy of John Elliott Foundation 2022
John Elliott continues its commitment to philanthropy with the establishment of The John Elliott Foundation, a new initiative that exists to provide long-term funding for people in need and the world at-large.

Through the Foundation, we’ll continue to support existing commitments to Healthcare, Education, Equality, and First Responders. Looking forward, the Foundation will serve our global community by committing to new pillars that address sustainability, action on climate change, and more.

In John’s words, “As the brand has grown and matured, we’ve been able to find a voice through the ability to give back. It’s been a rewarding journey, and has become something we’re fully invested in. Through this initiative, we’re able to cultivate and more nimbly support a group of charities based on values and causes that are important to the brand, our partners, and customers.

Over the last few years, in partnership with UCLA Health, Cal Fire, and more, we’ve found that our Foundational products, pieces that form the basis of our modular wardrobe, can serve as a powerful vehicle to give back. It makes the work that much more meaningful for everyone in the brand.”

Since we embarked on charitable giving in 2020, we’ve raised over $1 million in donations. To continue this important work and help kick-start our new initiative, for a limited time, we’re sharing the Foundation of John Elliott with you.

Starting October 4th, a selection of foundational products is available at 25% off, with 10% donated to charitable causes. We’re inspired by, and grateful for, your support and generosity.


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