Lebron james X John Elliott
Apparel Goes Coastal

Editorial: Nike Photography: Durimel

Debuted in August 2018, the Nike LeBron James x John Elliott Icon Collection is a tripartite study in head-to-toe versatility. Highlighted by the Icon QS, a fresh lifestyle approach to basketball footwear, the full assemblage of apparel also considers basketball basics with a new perspective. The second drop pushes it all a little farther by introducing subtle colorways that are more evocative of nature than of the gym. The earthy tones are informed by the landscape of Elliott's youth. "I'm always trying to tell authentic stories that relate to my experiences," he says. "For this season, I knew I wanted to show the ICON QS on the runway during New York Fashion Week for what was our 8th show. The story for our current season is rooted in the idea of a 'dream home,' which for my mom and our family was a coastal ranch house in Northern California."

The latest ICON collection hues are birthed from this place, where the sea meets open land. Blanketed by fog, it is a starkly rugged, gorgeous space. The color scheme relays time spent in this climate, allowing for textures created through single colors, and morphing depending on how the item is worn.

"It's really exciting, because you put a technical shoe through an earthy lens and complete the look with the apparel too," says Elliott. "When I approach anything with Nike my goal is to create something that is timeless. The shoe, as a project, wasn't easy. It required a lot of trial and error, but it has helped us find a way to form something that brings basketball culture more fluidly into our overall style choices."

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